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ArduSat Kickstarter Video

4y ago


Our team team is building an ArduSat (an Arduino Cubesat), on this satellite we would put up to 5 Arduino's and plug in 50+ sensors into them as well as 2 optical and 1 IR camera. Once the satellite is on orbit we would then give access to the general public/citizen scientists to the payload (Arduinos, sensors and camera) to upload their own scientific experiments. We plan to capture the attention of the DIY community, hackers and makers, amateur astronomers and in general those interested in space exploration and the next frontier. Sensor wise we have so far magnetometers, O3 sensors, GPS , gyros, plasma sensors, photometer, thermometer, pressure sensor, space radiation (bitflip) sensor, Geiger counter and 2 optical and 1 IR camera etc.The idea is that people can rent scientific packages for a week, during the week they run their experiment we will send data constantly back to them to analyze. Imagine general public, including teachers having access to experiment platform in space for a couple of hundreds of dollar and they analyze data and engage students, friends etc., it could revolutionize the way people see space and perceive space exploration. We are also looking for feedback from people interested in the project. We want to hear their ideas on sensors and experiments! Check out our Kickstarter page here: