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Arcane Winter: King Of Nothing.

4y ago


Arcane Winter is a band I have set up with my very good friends Piers Sixx, Nick Hopkinson and David (Charley) Perkins. This track will be released on a digital only EP due out in September/October 2012 and is just a slice of the post punk power that is our band, and a short introduction to the other tracks soon to unleashed upon the world. Think: Every New Dead Ghost, Killing Joke, Play Dead, Chrome, mixed in with urban realism. Join the appreciation society: Follow the band: Check our Reverbnation page: Oh, everyone SHARE THIS VIDEO TO THE WORLD!!!!!!! Stop the corporate music industry from its cultural domination. Music is by the people and for the people. Digital images by Stuart Slate. Edited and compiled by Trev Bamford and Stuart Slate