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Apache 3D Sim - iPhone & iPad game

4y ago

Description Apache 3D Sim Become a pilot of one of the most famous combat helicopters of all time. AH-64 Apache is capable of conducting the full spectrum of operations from support to major combat in warfare and is still the ultimate among the military helicopters. Apache 3D Sim brings in the game such incredible detailed processing of a combat helicopter with a unique physics and weapon system that has not been here yet. You will not believe it's only a game for mobile devices! What can you expect: - high detailed 3D models - high detailed realistic cockpit - M230 chain gun and rockets with infrared targeting system. (FLIR for night operations) - refueling - refilling ammunition for weapons - fighter missions - non fighter / flight skill missions - day / night operations - free flight mode - bonus Air show mode - bonus Hangar mode - realistic sound effects - high detailed graphics - optimized fps for all supported devices - HD resolution for iDevices with Retina display - maximal intuitive controls - smooth movement and control Requirements iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G or 4th gen iPod touch with Retina display running on 4.1 and newer. *** We strongly recommend iPhone 4 for best experience of playing in HD resolution ***