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Antonio Amendola meets Mary Akrami in Kabul (June 20th 2012)

4y ago


[read the complete story on S4C website ] Mary Akrami is a brave woman. Period. She been the Director of Afghan Women Skills Development Center (AWSDC) since 1999. She set up AWSDC during her exile in Pakistan in order to build the capacity of Afghan women through English and computer literacy classes. In 2001 she represented Afghan Civil Society in Bonn and has since conveyed her experiences of civil society work at numerous international fora, including the World Social Forum in Brazil 2005. Mary Akrami has continued her work in AWSDC after her return to Afghanistan and has been involved in shelters for battered women, micro enterprise schemes for women, and has set up Peace Shuras and Committees with strong female representation in Parwan Province. I just wanted to note down how impressed I was in seeing that special light in her eyes when she talked about her fights... She's a fighter; this is crystal clear. And she fights for the women's right, asking not to be forgotten. She knew Shoot4Change and she asked her story to be told. 'Because if I die -- and I have many enemies around -- nobody will remember what we do here. And these women deserve to be helped and supported in their fights for their rights' Shoot4Chang will help her keeping public awareness high on women rights issues. But we need also you to help us with it. Join us.... and shoot 4 change