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atlantic wall

atlantic wall

Another Brick in The Wall between Hoi An and Danang in Vietnam!

4y ago


Another Brick in The Wall between Hoi An and Danang in Vietnam! Modern Walls: The Wall between Hoi An and Danang was created over the last 10 years. Although large parts of 'The Wall' will be replaced by fancier barriers from stone and or greenery, the assess to the beach over a large distance will be mainly impossible for local people and many visitors! What is the environmental message given to many visitors traveling from Danang to Hoi An and vice versa? Pink Floyd. As with the band's previous three studio albums The Wall is a concept album, and deals largely with themes of abandonment and personal isolation. The Atlantic Wall (German: Atlantikwall) was an extensive system of coastal fortifications built between 1942 and 1944 along the western coast of Europe as a defense against an anticipated Allied invasion of the mainland continent from Great Britain.[1] The peace lines or peace walls are a series of separation barriers in Northern Ireland that separate Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods. They have been built at urban interface areas in Belfast, Derry, Port down and elsewhere. The Berm of Western Sahara (also known as the Moroccan Wall) is an approximately 2,700 km-long structure, mostly a sand wall (or "berm"), running through Western Sahara and the southeastern portion of Morocco. It acts as a separation barrier between the Moroccan-controlled areas and the Polisario-controlled section of the territory that lies along its eastern and southern border. The Communards' Wall (Mur des Fédérés) at the Père Lachaise cemetery is where, on May 28, 1871, one-hundred forty-seven fédérés, combatants of the Paris Commune, were shot and thrown in an open trench at the foot of the wall.[1] To the French left, especially socialistsand communists, the wall became the symbol of the people's struggle for their liberty and ideals. Many leaders of the French Communist Party, especially those involved in the French resistance, are buried nearby. The Lima city walls were built by Viceroy Melchor de Navarra y Rocafull between 1684 and 1687 to protect Lima against attacks from piratesand privateers.[1] They included 34 bulwarks and five gates; their total cost was estimated at 400,000 Spanish dollars.[2] The walls were torn down in 1872 under the presidency of José Balta as part of the expansion process of the city.[3] The Lennon Wall or John Lennon Wall, is a wall in Prague, Czech Republic. Once a normal wall, since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs. The Mexico -- United States barrier -- also known in the United States as the border wall -- is actually several separation barriers designed to prevent illegal movement across the Mexico -- United States border.