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the epic

the epic

The Annoying Orange - Animated

1y ago


It's the very first episode of Annoying Orange...animated! Relive the episode that started it all! Watch till the end where we announce the EPIC video coming out next Friday! Animated by SaveAsAwesome: Watch a sneak peek clip of Monday's new TV episode here: Click this to show your support for the AO TV Show!!! MERCH: AO TOYS! T-SHIRTS: iPHONE/iPOD GAME: iPAD GAME: ANDROID GAME: MUSIC: FOLLOW ME: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: GOOGLE+: MY WEBSITE: CREATED BY: DANEBOE: DANEBOE GAMING CHANNEL: DANEBOE 2ND CHANNEL: PRODUCED BY: BOBJENZ: AARON MASSEY: