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Animal Parts 1 - KnewAge (C³ and Don)

2y ago


Lyrics - Intro Chickens are smart -In recent studies baby chicks have demonstrated arithmetic abilities Due to genetic manipulation, 90% of broiler chickens have trouble walking. Verse 1 C³ The chicken of tomorrow has bigger breast less feed, Is that success or Greed, we like our meals cheap Factory Farms produce 99% of the meat you eat, Snap off their beak, rip the claws out of their feet, Pack them in 30,000 in one cage, now thats deep It don't matter organic or free range same cage, please Those are just terms like beef and pork they supports comfort starving,sleep deprived, genetically mutilated, modified comfort 8 tenths of a square foot, drugged, dragging one foot comfort These are the facts they don't write on your food labels, They use chlorine baths to make them chickens stable, The old idea of the hard working farmer is now a fable, Its the uninsured migrant workers that put food on your table, Corporations make their own rules, doesn't that happen often, High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity bring out the coffins, Now everybody is coughing, the bird flu must of got them Chorus (2) You are what you eat, look at what you eat, What you putting between your teeth, oh u call that meat, where did it come from, what you running from, It's on your plate you calling me dumb, come on you eating what son Second Intro - Don Recent studies have shown that pigs and humans are genetically remarkably similar. Hogs become aggressive in tight spaces and bite each other's tails, which has caused farmers to cut the tails off. Verse 2 Don Here piggy, piggy piggy what you eating? Taste like bacon? Well let me tell you a little something about that basic craving, See it all starts with artificial insemination, and Wes Craven, couldn't create a nightmare more frightening, Ready? alright then 16 weeks of pregnancy spent in a gestation crate, that's no space, So small she can't turn around pus filled sores on every place, every place? every place, her shoulders, back, legs, her face If you dipped them sores in gravy I wonder how they would taste Acid ridden mushy flesh caused by stress, cuts from their profits The psychology of a pig, now that's an interesting topic, Many studies have shown that pigs are smarter then dogs They learn quick, but its funny forgetting for them is hard, Maybe that's why many die of heart attacks awaiting slaughter, But lets go back to once the piglets are born from their mother, Birth defects are as common as the shit in their water,