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4y ago


Clinark's 'Journey to Foreign Deluxe Edition' is out on digital download.This deluxe debut album now has 20 Bonus Dub Tracks.with reggae songs inspired by UK,and Carribbean culture. Clinark's 'Journey to Foreign Deluxe Edition is out on digital download. The long awaited debut album is a classic Roots & Culture and Lovers Rock Album album. Also feat. Richie Spice, Luciano, Maxi Priest, Kofi, Brinsley Forde (Aswad) and Irie Love,Troy Anthony, Fantan Mojah and Gramps & Peter Heritage. 'Clinark said ' I feel it's time to bring out this Deluxe Edition of Journey To Foreign as I had so many request for the riddims and the dubs. It took almost four years for the original album to be completed and we went through great personal struggles to produce the final works. Due to illness.I was not able to promote the work as I had planned so this gives me an opportunity to bring fans the extension of the work. ' Style: Reggae -- Modern Roots, Culture & Lovers Rock, New Ska Label: Nurture Projects (Indie) Release Date 7 November 2011 20 riddims & 20 new dubs, Almost 4 Years in the making! Quality Production by Dillie @Stingray, Mafia & Fluxy & Nurture Projects Includes: 'Life in the Ghetto Remix Feat Gramps & Peter Morgan' 'Angel Eyes' & Clinark's 'Dem Come' Remix This deluxe edition will also available on digital download on various sites including iTunes, Amazon and more. Journey To Foreign Deluxe Edition Track Listing & Credits 1. Journey To Foreign (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI 2. Journey To Foreign Dub 3. As A Man I Weep (Clinark Feat. Maxi Priest) MAXI PRIEST & MAX ELLIOTT appear Courtesy Of Level Vibes Records Ltd. (C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI/ Level Vibes Records Ltd. (COSCAP)Vocal Production (Maxi): Livingstone Brown at The Boogie Lab 4.As A Man I Weep Dub 5. Angel Eyes (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards/L.Heywood/D.Heywood)Nuture/BMI/Mafflux Songs 6. Angel Eyes Dub 7. Brown Eyes (Clinark Feat Kofi) (C.Dill/JL Edwards) Nurture/BMI/Mafflux 8. Brown Eyes Dub 9. Runaway Remix (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI 10. Runaway Remix Dub 11. It's True (Clinark Feat. Irie Love)(C.Dill/JLEdwards/I.Richards)Nurture /BMI/ ASCAP/Irielove Music 12. It's True Dub 13. Nowhere TV (Clinark Feat. Fantan Mojah)(C.Dill/JLEdwards/O.Moncrieffe)Nurture/BMI 14.Nowhere TV Dub 15. Choices (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI 16.Choices Dub 17. Living In Concrete Jungle (Clinark & Richie Spice)(C.Dill/JLEdwards/ R.Bonner/M.Bonner)Nurture/Universal 18.Living In Concrete Jungle Dub 19. Life In The Ghetto Remix (Clinark Feat. Peter & Gramps Morgan(C.Dill/JL Edwards/R. Morgan/P. Morgan)Nurture Projects BMI/ASCAP/ACOA/Heartical 20.Life In The Ghetto Remix Dub 21. Glorify (Clinark Feat. Luciano) (C.Dill/JLEdwards/ J.W. McClymont)Nurture/BMI/Jahmessenjah 22.Glorify Dub 23. Inspiration Prayer Remix (Clinark Feat. Brinsley Forde) (C.Dill/JLEdwards/B.Forde)Nurture /BMI/ASCAP 24.Inspiration Prayer Remix Dub 25. Aint That Something (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI 26.Aint That Something Dub 27. Oh What A Blessing (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI 28.Oh What A Blessing Dub 29.Vision (Clinark) (C.Dill/JL Edwards)Nurture/BMI 30.Vision Dub 31.Colonized Remix (Clinark)(C.Dill/JLEdwards)Nurture/BMI 32.Colonized Remix Dub 33.Beautiful Island Remix (Clinark) (C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI 34.Beautiful Island Remix Dub 35.Sign Of The Times (Clinark Feat Troy Anthony)(C.Dill/JLEdwards) Nurture/BMI 36.Sign Of The Times Dub 37.Dem Come Remix 2008(Clinark) (C.Dill) Nurture/BMI 38.Dem Come Remix Dub 39.Lord's Prayer Remix (Clinark)Trad/Music Arranged by C.Dill) Nurture/BMI 40.Lord's Prayer Remix Dub Journey Album Sleeve Notes Executive Producer: Clinark (C.Dill) Producers: Leroy 'Mafia' Heywood' & Dave 'Fluxy' Heywood Production/Mixing Engineer: Carl 'Dillie' McLeod Recorded At Stingray Studios, London, UK Recording Engineer (Tracks): Gussie P, Recorded At Mafia & Fluxy Studios, London, UK Keyboards & Bass Guitar: Leroy 'Mafia' Heywood Drums...