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Ane Brun - "Words" (Official Music Video HD)

4y ago


Pre-order Ane Bruns new cd "Songs 2003-2013" and get a SIGNED COPY! shipped directly to your mailbox on streetday 130529. Order here: Download on iTunes: Follow Ane on Facebook: Music video for Ane Brun - Words, taken from the album "It All Starts With One". The video for "Words" is the prologue from a short film based to music from Ane Brun's album "It all starts with One", the film that houses no fewer than four orchestrated songs will be premiered in 2012. The Director for the whole project, Ane's long-standing video director Magnus Renfors, says of the venture: "Ane's music is like a great ocean housed under the roof of a great old theater, where pictures are hung from the threads of the music shooting out, so it really does the job itself. That said, the images require a certain height at a substantively dramatic level, otherwise the music, sometimes so sublime and skin tingling, can rush over the head of the visual aspects. Ane and I have done stuff together since 2003 and already on the last album we talked about doing something bigger, more coherent, and this time it was really the one. " "ONE", as the film is called, is a poetic tapestry incorporating various threads interwoven on several levels, integrating and complimenting Ane's delicately composed branches between hope, rage and grief. A heavy period of post-production is now rolling with the other chapters before the film is fully released in the fall. The film is produced by Hobby Film Stockholm in cooperation with, among others, Riviera Post Production and Ljud & Bildmedia, with the theatre giant Ivar Wiklander appearing as the main character. Credits: Director: Magnus Renfors Producer: Frida Lindin Photographer: Gustav Danielsson Production Company: Hobby Film Stockholm Sound: Johan Isaksson Colorist: Ola Bäccman Editing: Gregers Dohn Visual effects lead artist: Maceo Frost Choreographer: Rebecca Chentinell Art Director: Agustin Moreaux Costume Designer: Lotta Barlach Follow Ane Brun, buy the single on Itunes, and more (C) 2011 Balloon Ranger Recordings AB.