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the comedy

Andy Kindler State of the Industry 2012 post-speech interview

4y ago


Andy Kindler talked with The Comic's Comic immediately after delivering his 2012 State of the Industry address at Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival. Kindler has delivered this annual speech to comedians and the comedy industry (agents, managers, TV network executives) for going on two decades now, and it's one of the few must-see and must-hear events each July at comedy's biggest convention. In 2012, Kindler took on familiar targets such as Jay Leno, Robin Williams and Dane Cook, but he also finished with a flurry and a robotic rant about Louis CK, taking him down a peg to remind him and the comedy community that nobody's perfect. A compilation of some of Kindler's best zingers from the speech are posted on The Comic's Comic: Read The Comic's Comic for more daily news, insight and funny stuff showcasing funny people. TWITTER FACEBOOK