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Android Contact Management Application - Quasio

2y ago


This commercial is about an Android Contact Management application called Quasio. Quasio's job is do one thing: break up your contacts into 2 groups, active and inactive. First thing you have to do and can change at anytime is configure Quasio to tell it when you want someone automatically moved into the inactive list if you have been out of contact with them, i.e. you have not called or texted them or they have not called or texted you. So for instance if you setup Quasio to inactivate contacts you have not reached in a week, Quasio will find all of your contacts that you have been out of contact with for a week and move them to the inactive list automatically. This shrinks the size of the people in your active list, and also helps you reach people faster in your active list as it will shrink over time since most of us only really talk to a few of our friends and family members frequently. In addition to this, you can now see who you have been out of touch with and when they were deactivated. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to them and maintain ties. If someone from your inactive list reaches out to you or you reach out to them, Quasio automatically moves them into your active list of contacts. Quasio also allows you to add, delete, edit, view call logs, search, call, and text contacts as you would with the standard contacts application and it also allows you to manually move people between active and inactive groups. All contacts in the active and inactive list are sorted by how often you talk to them, so who ever you contact the most will be at the top of the list followed by the other contacts in order of frequency then name. Quasio departs from the traditional traditional way of breaking people into groups like Favorites, Family, Co-workers, etc. by creating 2 groups it manages for you automatically without your need to do anything at all other then tell it when contacts should be deactivated. This commercial was shot in Brooklyn, NY by Director/Producer Jamal Hodge, actors are Miguel Rosario (application developer and creator of Quasio) and Crystal Chau. My tech blog is at: (not to active but will change that!)