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gunslinger girl

gunslinger girl

[AMV] Gunslinger Girl - Super Shooter

4y ago


ANIME: Gunslinger Girl SONG: Super Shooter (Gantz's opening) BAND: Rip Slyme [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] English: My first (decent) thing made in Sony Vegas *-*! Principally made for "Jornadas del manga y el anime"'s AMV contest. (Yeah, but this time this is much better than the crappy wmm one. I love this anime even if it is VERY dramatic and i don't use to like those kind of things. And this song it's just PERFECT for Gunslinger Girl. What's this anime about? For me, lolis with weapons killing everyone in their way lol :3 Real one, lolis who had a traumatic past and they have a fratello (like a brother) who teachs them how to use weapons and help them in misions. [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] Español: Hecho principalmente para el concurso de AMV de las Jornadas del Manga y el Anime ~ Mi primera obra decente con Sony Vegas! *-* Mejor que el crappy anterior con wmm o.ó! Nada más que decir. [-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-][-] EL SEÑOR SOL TE VIGILA, NO ROBES! Ò.Ó