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los angeles times

AMTV News: Sikh Temple Shooting Branded 'DOMESTIC TERRORISM'

4y ago


SUBSCRIBE NOW!! SUBSCRIBE TO AMTVmedia!!! REFERENCES: Welcome to AMTV News, I'm your host Topher Morrison. Today is Monday August 6th, 2012. Bloodbath at Sikh Temple Branded 'Domestic Terrorism' AFP & JSOnline [war drums] Russia Reportedly Sending Warships with Marines to Syria Los Angeles Times & Ben Swann's Reality Check Next... 12 Million Americans are Sociopaths Washington's Blog & Big Think You are what you eat... 6 Things You May Not Want in Your Food Food Matters Hangover Heaven: Pleasure Without the Pain Reason Nuclear Power's Replacement: Thorium Reactors Zero Hedge Next... The Industrial Hemp Farming Act Toke of The Town Capturing every corner of alternative media watch AMTV News Monday -- Friday. Find our in depth commentary and analysis of stories like these at, part of the AMTV Network. 8-6-12: On today's news update, Topher Morrison details the tragic Sikh temple shooting that has been branded domestic terrorism by Homeland Security. To Donate: