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Beautiful Opera | Voice Performance Americas Got Talent 2014 Auditions | #1 full new movie 2014 HD

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(Americas Got Talent 2014) Auditions1 New Video audition Submission ★ AGT online Auditions ☆ (I am singing at home/Live in my room) Facebook ~Most beautiful posh songs from opera. Music has got a healing touch. Good music can melt hearts. This is my featured video audition for new season America's Got Talent & Britain's Got Talent 2014! I am so excited about this great opportunity! ★ It is my dream to be on that show live on NBC. Check in soon for a new reel of new videos! Add me on facebook! America is a melting pot of many cultures, races, and nationalities. America is the land of opportunity and freedom. I came to this USA country from Ukraine to make a better life for myself for my autistic son. Singing is not yet my career. I want to pursue singing as a life career and become a recording artist So I Can Touch People's Lives Through Music. "Music is something I wanted to pursue my entire life. After day-to-day life of raising autistic son, I gave up singing for more than 10 years. But my family told me that you shouldn't give up your dream, and said that I should start singing again because you had too much talent that shouldn't be wasted. So I decided that I wouldn't waste any more time and returned to singing. To get my confidence back and learn how to perform in front of an audience, Eventually, less than a few years I was practicing new songs, I decided it was time to try my luck on the TV programs America's Got Talent & Voice and this is my videos made for audition purposes Got Talent Auditions. Show open to any age and any talent. If you cannot make it to audition for AGT in person, You can then simply submit the link of your YouTube channel to America's Got Talent Official and this submission will count as your official audition for the show. Thanks to all those who watch this video! :) Please comment. I am open to suggestions to better myself for my future in singing. A warm and heartfelt thanks to all my friends, well-wishers and subscribers here, for overwhelming support and kindness at every moment since the beginning of my little journey here ♥ Italian Song America's Got Talent full new movie | this week | | Amazing performance.★☆♥☆★ I would accept an invitation to Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent, X Factor, The Voice USA 2013/2014. Ellen, Here's My Talent! Ellen Videos! 1. The purpose of the song use, is for nonprofit audition purposes Got Talent Auditions. ★ America's Got Talent 2014 | New Home Video Auditions ONLINE SUBMISSION VIDEO. I am singing 4 AGT new season audition FOR A CHANCE OPPORTUNITY TO BE ON AMERICA'S GOT TALENT 2014 LIVE on NBC! My Video submission (this week) ★☆♥☆★ I would accept an invitation to Voice, Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent 2014 | 2015 | X Factor 2014 | Voice UK | The Voice 2014 | USA | Ellen ! new full movie| 2014 | episode 1 | | best auditions ever, full episode, singers, performance for America's Got Talent 2014 Auditions! Opera Voice Performance for Americas Got Talent 2014 Home Video Audition 4 New Season! When it comes to people who sing opera, "America's Got Talent" is the place to go! It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised top one million dollars.(Best Opera Song 4 Americas Got Talent 2014) YouTube Online Video Auditions Opera Singers for New Season (AGT) Facebook (America's/ Britains Got Talent 2014) Show open to any age and any talent. Anyone can audition for new season 2014! "O mio babbino caro" is a soprano aria from the opera Gianni Schicchi, by Giacomo Puccini, It provides an interlude expressing lyrical simplicity and single-hearted love in contrast with the atmosphere of hypocrisy, jealousy, double-dealing and feuding in the medieval Florence of Puccini's only comedy, and it provides the only set-piece in the through-composed opera.Audition Cities this year - Nashville | Greensboro | Baltimore | Providence | Los Angeles | Miami | Atl...