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insurance companies

insurance companies

American SICKOs Donna Smith and Reggie Cervantes on Medicare for All Bus Tour

4y ago


Donna Smith and Reggie Cervantes starred in Michael Moore's SICKO. Now they are part of the nurses's Medicare for All bus tour to heal America. As the nation awaits the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, many Americans continue to struggle for healthcare. Five years after SICKO was produced, Donna Smith, stricken with cancer, continues to struggle to receive the care she needs. Reggie Cervantes, a 9/11 first-responder who went to Cuba for care in SICKO continued to struggle for care. Disabled with respiratory illness she got digging through the 9/11 rubble for bodies, Reggie recently began to receive Medicare and she says it changed her life. She was finally able to get coverage denied by insurance companies. Find out more about the Medicare for All bus tour at: