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make up artist

American Dream - ROUGH EDIT 2 - Larry & Adrienne Production

1y ago


AMERICAN DREAM - Songwriters:: Larry Smith, Adrienne Zolondick, William Renauld, and Gigi Varnum Performers:: William Renauld -- rap vocal Adrienne Zolondick -- lead and background vocals Larry Smith -- all keyboards and background vocals Geoffrey Lowe -- bass Richard Crooks -- drums Christine Cordone, Susan Butler, Alex Okinczyc -- background vocals Recorded Feb 14, 2012 at San Carlos Institute, Key West, FL - with overdubs and mixed at Private Ear Recording Studio Dan Simpson - engineer Video and Editing by- Gary W. Ek Southernmost Media ( ) 2nd Unit Camera- Kris Estes 3rd Unit Camera- Linda Fryer Playback Operator- Mary Deasy Make Up Artist- Linda Fryer All Rights Protected 2012 Larry & Adrienne Production AMERICAN DREAM Rap 1- sound byte, sound byte rhetoric and shame the media circus is at the top of its game politician B blames politician A "she did this!" "he said that!" spun a new way Rap 2- they cram it down all our throats every which way "drugs are evil, so are the gays!" "corporations are people and the banks'll get their way!" (and) we're told its the Truth every single day Rap 3- elephants and donkeys out on parade "comin' to a town near you!" [hip hip hooray!] pick a seat, pick a side it's 4 years, not for life if you don't like that then call it "sacrifice" Oh! They swear Oh! They blame And they're doing it all together Yes it's all the same Now I'm not here to preach I don't know the way I may be dreamin' But I'm dreamin' of a brighter day [dreamin' of a brighter day...] Rap 4- Behind the curtain behind the smiles behind the cameras behind the miles Look at them their doin' their act We got it down here yah we got it on track We got it round got it round got it round round round round round Get it up and down Spin it and frown No I'm not here to say what I don't want I'm only saying the truth 'cause that's what I speak I speak the truth and I don't need to rhyme 1 2 3 4 but I stay in time 'cause I like the beat 'cause I like 'em well I like it now my name is Will emcee Willy in the house Behind the curtains in the house If you don't even like us Then you are gonna to be like a mouse Give your cheese like a puppy - just to please Ask me man I'm gettin' on my knees On my knees please America Get rid of this dis-ease We need to bring it back Bring me home bring me to the West Bring me to the East Get me to my chest I want my heart to thump real loud I want to be in America and I want to be proud Proud of this country we fight so hard We're tryin' we're tryin We don't need to lose We're tryin' we're tryin' it's not about a win Tryin' and tryin' You just gotta choose ~ Will Renauld