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Staff Picks

America Revealed: Electric Nation | PBS America

4y ago


** Available on DVD from ** PBS America: Sky channel 534 / Virgin Media 243 / Yul Kwon continues his bird's eye view of America with a revealing look at what keeps a superpower powered. The nation that led the way into the light with widespread use of electricity and pioneered the nuclear age is facing something of a power crisis. With a booming population ever more reliant on new gadgets and technology, all of which is powered by electricity, how does the US national grid keep up with demand? For a communications and IT expert like Yul, this is a question close to his heart. The answer involves a juggling act including the extraction of fossil fuels -- coal, gas and oil -- mining valuable ores, a heavy reliance on nuclear power and generating electricity through water and now other renewable sources such as wind and solar power. But how do these systems work? And how is the power distributed across the vast continent? Yul meets the engineers responsible for generating and regulating supply, keeping the lights burning all over America.