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buddhist temple

buddhist temple

Amazing, unexplained floating pebble on Miyajima Island. Part 1

4y ago


Me and my Mother were having a walk on a small Japanese Island called Miyajima just off the coast close to Hiroshima. We took a rest on a bench and were just looking at the floor, when we noticed this small pebble twitching on the floor. At first we thought that there was an ant or something like that underneath it, but then suddenly it it rose from the floor and started hovering. It stayed like that for a while and then somehow started moving freely in the air. It started darting about really quickly as if it was being controlled. At first I thought maybe it was attached to a spiders web or something like that but it wasn't. As you can see on the video i make a circle with my finger over the top of the pebble to show it is not attatched to anything. This also had a strange effect on it as it seemed to repel it away from my finger. It also started spinning around on its own really quickly, landing on the floor, jumping back up again as if had a mind of it's own. We tried other pebbles on the floor but they simply dropped to the ground when you let go of them, it was only this one behaing in this way, the other were just, well.. pebbles. We also picked it up and put it on the bench we were sitting on and dropped it but it fell straight down, it only had this affect on the ground. Afterwards my mother put it in her purse as we wanted to keep it, but then we decided we wanted to see it again so we dropped it again onto the floor but it had lost it's energy and it just fell to the floor, so we lost it in amongst all the others. So actually it's still there. This is 100% real, so far I have found no explanation for it, I've shown the video to a few people and the reaction has been amazement. I also showed it to some local Japanese people thinking it might have happened before and they would have an explanation but they had no answer either. I don't know if it's a scientific thing- I saw heat around it at one point- same like you see just above a lit candle or a spiritual thing- we were close to a Buddhist temple. Whatever the reason I and my Mother saw it with our own eyes and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, I couldn't stop thinking about it that night and since really. This was earlier this week. Positive comments welcome only please, if anyone has an explanation then please share. If not then just enjoy! Please check part 2 also!