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Amazing Spiderman Lets Play Ep 7 - Into The Sewers For a DNA Sample

2y ago


This Episode marks a new chapter. This chapter we must search the Sewers for Vermin and bring back a DNA sample of the cross species mutations so Dr Conners can cure the infected! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter!!!!/MorninAfterKill Last Episode of my Amazing Spiderman Lets Play on the Microsoft Xbox 360. In this episode we find out that Peter Parker aka Spider has locked Dr Conners aka The Lizard in a Mental Hospital Jail. We've Met Gwen Stacy, Dr Smythe, Rhino, Michael Morbius and The Scorpion, and broken Dr Conners Out Of the Mental Hospital! We've Fought The Rhino Too!!! Last Chapter We Infiltrated Oscorp Archives and Found the Camera and Recovered Dr Conners Archived Research to Help Save The Infected! This game is licensed and based off The Amazing Spiderman Movie webslinging in theaters july 3rd for the independence day weekend summer blockbuster featuring spiderman squaring up against Dr Conners aka the Lizard. In this amazing spiderman video game review and lets play im starting you will see characters such as The Rhino, The Scorpion, Smythe, Gwen, Mary Jane Watson, Felicia Harding, The Black Cat, and The Lizard! We are Free Roaming and learning How to use web rush, attacks, level up, new york city, helicopters, finding comic pages and achievement hunting!