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amanda somerville

amanda somerville

Amanda Somerville / TRILLIUM Tour w/ Delain 2012 - 9

4y ago


Hello Everyone~ I've noticed how truly busy I was on the tour by the incredible lack of video footage I have from some places! I'm very sorry if I didn't film much in your city, but I was seriously running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to juggle everything and my camera just didn't fit in the juggle mix sometimes! Also, this was where I started coming down with the cold that I'm STILL trying to shake off 2.5 weeks later. Bah! But that's just tour life sometimes... Here we are jumping from Pratteln, Switzerland to Cologne, Germany, where we met up with a bunch of our hometown Dutch friends and were also jamming like madmen (and women) outside the tour bus until the wee hours of the morning, then on to Vosselaar, Belgium. The good times keep rolling! In any case, there's more to come, so watch out! xx Amanda