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neil gaiman

neil gaiman

Amanda Palmer - Ukelele Anthem | Tram Sessions

4y ago


Amanda "fucking" Palmer everyone!! A woman of so many talents who managed to display them all using one ukulele, one tram and performing three songs in under 14 minutes. She had the support of around thirty odd fans that joined us, but as you'll see, she was far more interested in finding some unfamiliar faces. Like... the lady at 01:05 (we'll assume she understood some of the lyrics given that most swear words are universal), and the seated man at 05:03 who chuckles when Amanda says "vibrator" (in another clip, you'll see her sitting in between his legs on the floor. He will forever be referred to as "The Luckiest Man In the World".) From the start it was pretty obvious we could fill the whole tram ourselves, but that didn't bother anyone as Amanda did not require a seat! She was happy to play standing up, balancing on one leg, racing from one end to the other, crouched on the floor, climbing up onto the (no wait, we had to stop her from doing that for fear of her breaking another foot). Her tunes took us up Sydney Road on route 19 where she played Creep (Radiohead cover), In My Mind and the Ukulele Anthem. We also hopped over to the pub for some beers afterwards where she was smothered with all kinds of gifts, like a zombie paper-maché hand, chocolates and lots and lots of kisses! For those of you that weren't able to join us for the special Valentines gift that her husband Neil Gaiman had us deliver... let's just say that yes, she was surprised and overcome with tears (hopefully they were tears of joy). Happy Valentines Day Amanda Palmer *kiss*... and that one is from Tram Sessions :) --- See more sessions at --- Camera & Editor: Luisa Mirabilio Sound: Rommel Henricus