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immortal soul

immortal soul

Allfaaraa & Shawn Clark talk to Freedom Central on Finding Voices Radio

1y ago


This clip is the in studio recordings of Freedom Central's interview with Allfaaraa and Shawn Clark, which was broadcast live on Finding Voices Radio on 15 July 2012. Freedom Central is delighted to have come to know Allfaaraa Antara Amara and Shawn Clark, who shared some valuable insight into the way the Creation works, the purpose of the darkness, and the true understanding of Lucifer as the spirit of planet Earth. My own research has lead me to believe that there are much truth to Allfaaraa's teachings, even though at first, it may be a stretch for some people to understand, particularly if you are holding onto archaic theological dogmatic concepts of darkness, evil and Lucifer. But truly coming to know and understand this information, and the way the Creation works, will give people the power to shift their fear, which is what all the big name speakers in the so called "Truth Movement" are telling people to do, but nobody I have come across, is empowering people with the tools of knowledge which empowers people to finally be free of fear. We look forward to working with Allfaaraa and Shawn Clark soon on another interview .............................................................................................................................. Teachings given to Allfaaraa by the two polarities of the Creator, being Lucifer the darkness and Michael the light. Thanx to Sharon Miller for this summary: The ego (or mind) specific purpose is to create havoc and darkness...and the soul's purpose is to bring light to that darkness. As the Creator caused and demanded light to shine out of darkness, the only place light can come is out of that darkness. Your purpose is to grow God and in growing God, you are growing yourself. You are creating yourself. You are the immortal soul and the flesh is the vehicle for which you are here to achieve your purpose. You need to experience the opposite polarity and that cannot be done in Spirit, it can ONLY be done in the flesh. One of the reasons you are here is to experience evil (darkness). To make changes in the spiritual, God changes the physical. Everything that you can see, feel, and touch is the Creator, but the Creator is passive. The Creator manifests in a downward system of cause and effect. A God is one that has the ability to fragment and place their essence within form. The first thing you have to understand is the Creator is everything. The Questions STIMULATE the ANSWERS. I am Like a Book, the information is IN there BUT YOU HAVE TO OPEN THE BOOK. "Stand up and be counted" means you are committed to service of the Creator at the highest level. Understand that the power each of you have attained and is not a gift, you have earned it. The power that each of you possess...can be used for its purpose...or will be wasted fixing the problems you get yourselves into. As one lives their truth it is possible, even by accident, to stumble on the Creators truth, of which is...well...YOU. God awakens Himself through You! That is His purpose, to place Himself within Himself, to become aware or awakened. It has been taught that man needs God. But God needs man even more! God uses man to awaken Himself. Isn't it amazing that God uses the lowly of the universe to create the universes! Man grows God. But it is not just "grow". It is also "awaken". It is also "create".