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uc berkeley

uc berkeley

Algorithms, Machines, and People (AMP) Lab (DataEDGE Conference 2012)

4y ago


More information: Algorithms, Machines, and People (AMP) Lab Mike Franklin, UC Berkeley ---------------------------------- Mike Franklin Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley Mike Franklin specializes in large-scale data management infrastructure and applications. His research interests are primarily in the the areas of databases, operating systems, and networking technology. Currently, he directs UC Berkeley's Algorithms, Machines, and People Lab (AMPLab), an industry-supported collaboration of students, postdocs, and faculty who specialize in data management, cloud computing, statistical machine learning, and other important topics necessary for making sense of vast amounts of heterogeneous and unruly data. Franklin is also a founder and the CTO of Truviso, a high-performance analytics software company in Foster City, California.