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The Alex Jones Show - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 (Full Show): Stewart Rhodes

1y ago


On the important Wednesday, April 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines the tell-tale signs that point to the Boston Marathon explosions in all likelihood being a false flag attack perpetrated by our own government to take our freedoms, from denials of a drill by appointed officials, to eyewitness accounts of people told prior to the race to stay calm because bomb-sniffing dogs and beefed-up security were part of a "training exercise." Alex also analyzes attempts by the liberal press and certain politicians to predictably blame the bombing on "domestic terrorists," specifically "right-wing extremists." On today's show, Alex welcomes former Ron Paul Staffer and Founder of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes to discuss suspicions that a member of the "liberty movement" will be blamed for the attack. We'll also speak with editor Paul Joseph Watson about the Family Guy episode that depicted scenes eerily similar to those that unfolded during the Boston Marathon attack. Gov't Wants Volunteers to Wear 'White Guilt' Bracelets!!! LA Times: Peril from 'patriots' The U.S. needs to keep a close watch on the growing threat of home-grown extremist groups:,0,2444361.story Forbes!! FEMA CAMP Videos: NDAA Videos: FEMA CAMP DOCUMENTS Bill Gates Confronted On His Eugenics Vaccine Program That Has Crippled Nearly 50K Indian Children : Eric Holder 1995 Interview - Gun Control - "We Must Brainwash People Against Guns" MUST WATCH!!! Why People Think Sandy Hook is A Hoax: "Operation Paul Revere," a video contest with a top prize of $100,000: IRS credit to citizens who allow government to confiscate their firearms: News Anchor Fact Checks Piers Morgan: Piers Morgan and Guests Call for Shooting Alex Jones: