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Alcatel OT-995 - PAC v19 Android 4.1.2

3y ago


Facebook page PAC v19 by BENETNATH Android 4.1.2 PAC (all in one) includes Paranoid Android, AOKP and CyanogenMod 10 [+] -Boots -GSM/3G (when asking SIM unlock, press 'dismiss' ; it's a CM10 bug) for 3G you have to setup APN manualy -Wifi -bluetooth transfer -photo/camera -HW encoding and decoding -Paranoid android settings -charging -USB Mount (desinstall all alcatel drivers and one touch craps) still cant mount, mount from CWM :) -battery stats (NEW !) [-] -amount of data used is not available in the settings -bluetooth audio (sound goes out the headset but is awful) -compass/magnetometer -hdmi (image goes out but is distorded) [not tested] -tethering -profiles ***This could kill your phone or make your cat blind. I am not responsible for any damage that happens to your device. You are doing this on your own risk !!!! How to install: 1. Download this 4 files and put them on the SDcard 1) System file: 2) Paranoid Addon: 3) APN fix: 4) Google Apps for JB ( *only way to get Play Store* ): 2. Go to CWM Recovery and do this: -wipe data/factory reset -wipe cache -go to advanced and wipe dalvik cache -go to mounts and storage and format system 3. Go to "install zip from sdcard" and find folder where your 4 files are 4. Install zip files in the following order: System file, Paranoid Addon, APN fix, Google Apps 5. Reboot system now 6. After reboot you have to setup APN manualy. Go to Settings/Mobile networks/Access Point Names. Now press MENU soft button, select New APN and setup APN for your country. *I dont own any of this files. Its property of xda-developers and androidsrbija Thanks to Thanks to Thanks to BENETNATH How to ROOT your OT-995: Like, Subscribe nad Comment for more videos !!!