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Alawite activists flee to Turkey

2y ago


Alawite activists working with the Syrian opposition have been fleeing across the border to Turkey, in fear of their lives. Because Bashar al-Assad's government and military is largely Alawite, many from the Sunni-majority opposition distrust Alawis who say they are against the government. In fact, some Alawis have secretly worked against the Assad regime for years, risking their lives and the safety of their families. Most Alawis who side with the revolution are looked at by their Sunni counterparts as spies or agents of Assad. According to one Alawite activist currently living in Turkey, many Alawis have stayed silent out of fear for their lives. Assad often projects an image of protector of the Alawite community - along with other minorities like Christians - warning the communities that if the Sunni opposition is successful, they will have much more to fear. According to the activist, many Alawis know this is a lie, but can "do nothing". Anita McNaught reports from Antakya, Turkey.