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The Alabama Episode by Shutdown Fullback

4y ago


Saddle your pigs, grab your cousin/wife's uncle's daughter and get on down to the trough, it's time to watch the ALABAMA EPISODE of Shutdown Horseback!! John Boy and Sherman start recruiting for the fall season of Crimson Tide football. Meanwhile, the Nick Saban horsefly won't quit being a bozo and screwin' the whole pooch. And beware the sirens, for they will seduce you with their beauty and flowing chest hair. ROLL TIDE!!! SPOILER ALERT: City Slickers is NOT OUT on VHS in Alabama till this summer. Credits: Hosts - Spencer Hall & Jason Kirk Guest Starring - Kellen Meador, Dana Swanson, Erin Brown, David Matysiak Director/Producer - Lear Bunda Camera - Jason Maris & Alina Klopach Audio - David Matysiak Edit - David Matysiak Edit assist: Alina Klopach Production Coordinator - Laura McDowell Audio Sweeten - Will Mitchell 8bit GFX - Nick Ingkatanuwat, Matt Simpson and Lincoln McMeen Cat - Lloyd Fireball Title - Holly Anderson Music Credits: Female angelic voices CD Name: Imaginations vol 11 CD Code: FN027 Library: Fontana Composer: Nemec Martin (BMI) 100% Publisher: Cat Bag Music (Fontana SP Acct) (BMI) 100% Country Corn IMDVD01 Library: Image Composer: John Barrett (APRA) 100% Publisher: FABLE MUSIC 3.18 Wheelin' CD Name: Country vol 2 CD Code: TL041 Library: Who Did That Music Composer: Mark Le Vang (BMI) 100% Publisher: Cat Bag Music (BMI) 100% "Game on a day off" Composer: Hiroaki Ohmori (JASRAC) 100% Publisher: IZUTSU MUSIC (ASCAP) 100% 'Waffles and Chicken' Aritst : Frameworks Music Album: Creature Comforts, Retail V1 - Photo Credits: GETTY, US PRESSWIRE, AP, Jeff Gross, Kevin C. Cox, Richard Mackson, Jake Roth Find us on Facebook: Visit for more Shutdown Fullback.