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Aktivna Propaganda - Podobe iz teme

4y ago


Aktivna Propaganda is an anarchist and antifascist D.I.Y. hardcore punk band from Slovenia. The band is best known for their harsh political lyrics and staying true to the do-it-yourself way of life and their idea of street school hard core music and anarcho punk community. Band members are also active on different social/political organising activities and movements. The band released their first album on a tape in the year 2000, as a split album with the band Sod'n'dan. The second album named "Na ruševinah kapitalizma..." was released in year 2004, and their third album "Nepremagljiv odpor. Neskončna borba. Neustavljiva revolucija" came out in 2007. They also made a live recording from "RAFAL fest" concert in 2006 and released an unoffical album called "Trash demo 2006" in 2006. In 2012 they released their new album called ''Podobe ize teme''.