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Airsoft War WE Scar, Echo1 XCR "The Fort" Scotland 2012 HD

2y ago


Im on FaceBook At Main Channel Alternative Channel Im on Twitter at!/YouTubeScout JAi does Airsoft Gun Reviews at The Fort / Airsoft World This was filmed at "The Fort" which is owned & operated by UK retailer "Airsoft world" The Fort website for game dates, directions etc is at The Fort has a forum which requires a login & is free to use at If you require Airsoft guns in the UK I advise you use For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free. Filmed using a Canon DSLR Edited on a 27" Apple iMac using Apple iMovie Thanks to all the players and staff at The Fort and Airsoft World