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Airbus 380 Giant of the Sky - Demonstration of maneuverability

4y ago


The world's largest civil airplane - the Airbus A380. at Paris Airshow Le Bourget 2011showing its maneuverability. No cheese music, just pure engine sound!! Additional tags: Mustan P-51 D Reno Air Race Airbus A380 A-380 Jumbo A400M A400 A-400M A-400 Paris Le Bourget France Tattoo Fairfordfail crash Berlin ILA Farnborough AirPower Zeltweg 2011 Boeing 787 747-8 Dreamliner Dream liner International Air Show Airshow 2010 2011 aviation aircraft wingover Display Best of Highlights Raptor F35 F22 F18 F16 F14 Hornet Tomcat TOP GUN TOP 10 Best Blue Angles Hampton USA Airforce Navy RAF Heer Luftwaffe Armee de L'air Fighter Planes Military F4 Phantom P51 Mustang planes jets rotors engines WW1 WW2 Iraq Stealth Bomber B-52 tarnkappe airplanes aviation aircraft F22 Su27 Mig29 F15 Eagle Falcon F/A-18 Hornet Dassault Rafale Chengdu J-10 JAS 39 Gripen Saab Eurofighter Typhoon EADS Germany Italy England France Spain fast plane crash landing jet space sonic boom car ten world's speed sound aircraft top 10 supersonic fastest airplane military shuttle nasa 43 15 SR 71 MiG 25R Foxbat XB 70 Valkyrie Eagle mig 31 Foxhound 111 Aardvark f-15 shot blackbird sr-71 rockets faster mph fly supersonic x-15 chuck yeager jäger chuky mach air sonic boom atmosphere air force aircraft russian millitary bomb flying helicopter aviation warfare a350 xwb first flight maiden