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Air Mail - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

4y ago


Air Mail™ by Chillingo Ltd The sky's the limit... Welcome to the beautiful world of Air Mail, where you take to the skies as a fearless letter-carrying, disaster-averting pilot. Simply stunning in its presentation, with incredibly deep gameplay, this is one flight you can't afford to miss. Features: • MIND-BLOWING VISUALS One of the most stylish and best looking games on the App Store. Air Mail draws you into it's gorgeous world from take off to landing • LET'S FLY Choose one of three control schemes depending on your style. Each has been expertly designed to feel intuitive and natural. • WHAT AN ADVENTURE Choose one of three game modes to play through. Mission Mode is an epic story spread over seven chapters, Express Delivery is a score-attack mode, and Explore Mode lets you do just that—explore the islands collecting hidden items. For more information or support, please visit iTunes Store Page: Homepage: