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Agent X - Chasing the Night

4y ago


Twenty-four years after the Sunset Strip metal band Agent X recorded their album Rock N Roll Angels it's finally on record store shelves. Agent X recorded the album with Kim Fowley, producer of Runaways fame. It's only six songs, but it's six songs of all that was fun on the strip in the '80s -- or at least how those of us too young imagine it. The label describes the album: Going all the way back to 1987, we have struck more gold with a band that deserves its place among Sunset Strip lore. Demon Doll Records and Jailhouse singer Danny Simon have teamed up to finally deliver AGENT X to your door with their six song CD 'Rock 'N' Roll Angels'! Personnel Billy D'Vette Guitar Danny Simon Vocals Dave Bass Eric Jarvis Keyboards Mark Vernon Drums Tracks 1. Chasing the Night 2. Rock 'N' Roll Angels 3. Run If You Can 4. Out On the Streets 5. Hard Road To Heaven 6. Falling in Love