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tracking system

tracking system

Agent Based Emergency Department Nosocomial Disease Spread Simulator v0.8

4y ago


This version extends the previous model (see other videos from this user) by adding: 1) An E.D. floorplan based on a major hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 2) Equipment that can transmit infections. In this case, chairs will turn red if they are temporarily harbouring an infectious particles. 3) A simulated RFID based patient tracking system. The black dots represent an RFID reader position, with the black circle indicating the reader range. The circle will flash red when a patient's RFID tag is read. As before, patients are represented by stick figures with increasing urgency (green, orange, blue/stretcher). Doctors are represented as a red stethoscope, and nurses as a blue hat with a red cross. Agents (nurses, doctors, patients) carrying the influenza like illness (H1N1) are drawn with a black skull nearby, and agents that have been successfully immunized have a blue shield.