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i could

After Aperture [ SFM ]

1y ago


If you enjoyed this, Please subscribe, I have something much better coming down the pipe. Inspired by the work of Emmy Cicierga , and this page Music is Exile Vilify, by The National Also, A few notes. 1 ) The Chell rig has a terrible face. there are no emotional controls or even blinks. Additionally the eyes will lock up at bad angles. this severely limited the shots I could use without her looking like a freakshow. bummer that, but wider shots are good too. 2) The companion cube. it's not charred, because no charred cube exists within the assets. If I had one, I'd have used it, but since this was just a small quick project I left it out. The size however IS Correct. thats how big it truly is, though it looks smaller in your hands. If you got a problem with the size of it, take it up with valve. 3) Chell doesn't take the portal gun with her when she leaves the testing facility. This is True. However my original intention with this was to have her wake up at the end of the video at the start of portal 2, in the hotel room the whole thing having been a motivating dream. I decided late on to leave this open ended, but it was an intentional choice and not an oversight. if you're wondering where the WIP went, it's still here , just unlisted now.