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Adobe Sneak Peek - RAW processing on a Tablet - plus Q&A with Tom Hogarty - The Grid: Episode 94

3y ago


DEMO of RAW Processing on a tablet - 18:09 Screenshots of the Demo: Give away winners: @bgraham- $250 gift cardB&H, @MDosik - Kelby Training and NAPP bundle, s @markdymek - copy of Lightroom There are more prizes to be won between now and May 9th. To win comment on the video or retweet: More prizes to be won! Retweet "Adobe Sneak Peek - RAW processing on a Tablet" or comment on Youtube #thegridlive There are still more prizes to win between now and May 9th. $250 gift card, B&H Kelby Training & NAPP packages, and Lightroom 5 In this episode of The Grid : Tom Hogarty, Adobe's group product manager for Lightroom, brings a sneak peek to the future of processing raw photos on a tablet. Although Tom wouldn't reveal a launch date for the new prototype he did demonstrate some of the features on an iPad, and also offered several details about its features: ( DEMO sneak peek starts at 18 minutes ) • Editing for RAW photo formats, including Lightroom develop-module parameters like exposure, clarity, shadows, highlights, and white balance. • Cloud-synchronized editing so that changes made on a tablet arrive on the same photo on the PC. • The ability to zoom all the way to 100 percent for checking photo focus and details. This is big news as it gives a glimpse into the future of Adobe Systems plans for incorporating a high-end photo-editing software for tablets. The new app would be a close relative to Adobe's Lightroom software for PCs and serve as a cloud-connected companion to the program. Download the Adobe Lightroom 5 Public Beta for Free at the NAPP Learning Center: ***Check out special offers on Kelby Training and NAPP exclusively for Grid viewers, offers expire May 9th, 2013. Visit for discounts*** Subscribe to the Kelby Media Group Youtube Channel: