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ADGP RD2 - Calderpark Raceway - 2012

4y ago


Fantastic weekend down in Melbourne, travelled down with a couple of cars from the Hit and Run crew, 11 hours of Happy hardcore thanks to Brett Reaper Reid! Crashed on the floor at a Motel in the outskirts of melb, 15 mins from the track, but apparently it was the 'hood' and hella dodgy there ;/ I thought it was quite nice. Two days of flawless competing, up super bright and early, plenty of practise time, Jwaz spins some bearings (Which later turns into a 'On the jack stands' bottom end rebuild!) head into qualifying, Brett running super camber, super low, and crazy offset wheels finds out that 35 profile tires grab errverywherr, and qualifies like 27th out of 32.. Plenty of action from everybody, especially Hayden, Simon and Khuda's brother, a perfect first day! Come night time, the Warrens + Mr Kansia Giant get about 80% through the rebuild, and decide we should hit the town and get on it... Local pub, birthdays everywhere, getting sloshy on jugs of beer.. Mitch making a fool of himself. Another super early rise, another day full of great weather (except the afternoon, shitty rain and cold winds) The boys get into finishing the rebuild, as soon as it touches the ground, topped up with oil and push started, Yoshi demands the Sileighty to the front of the line for a 2nd chance qualify, launching off the line, and a couple of clutch kicks 3/4 through the course and "BANG!!" 3rd's rod gets exploded outside of the block :( Plenty more of super tight battles, some were poorly judged and some people should not have gone through, but water under a bridge, Day ends with the rain coming over, just enough to wet the track. Fink VS Rob Whyte for 1st and 2nd and Nick VS Danny W for 3rd and 4th. Nicks Ute with no weight in the tray made it hard to put the V8s power down, and comes in at 4th. While the continuous re-runs between fink and rob, fink made a wee mistake that cost him his 2nd place! Congrats to Rob for the 1st, well deserved placing! Rob Whyte 1st Luke Fink 2nd Danny W 3rd Nick C 4th Brett 30th - Brett loves to 'hit' walls. Big thanks to Brett, biggie, Scott Warren, Josh Warren, Jono, Mitch for making the weekend great. Shout out to all the drivers for putting on a great show, and another shout to all the media boys! All GoPro footage was supplied by Philb, grab a sweet deal on some high quality on car footage - Gear 7D Canon shot in 1080 50 1.8 10-24 3.5 70-200 4 Steadicam - Wondlan Slidetrack Fancier Heavy Duty Tripod CobraCrane Jib setup GoPro Hero 2 Edited Final Cut Pro X Song: Nero - You and I - Purchase it from Itunes!