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ADAM REPOSA: Lawyer, Patriot, Champion

4y ago


Adam Reposa is a criminal defense attorney in Austin, Texas as well as a lawyer, a patriot and a champion. The whole story: This is the first commercial for Adam Reposa by filmmaker Bob Ray. The story behind the first three commercials: The Adam Reposa Saga Commercial #1: ADAM REPOSA: Lawyer, Patriot, Champion Commercial #2a (this commercial was rejected by Mr. Reposa, here it is anyway): ADAM REPOSA: Hero of Liberty Commercial #2b (a reluctant re-edit of Commerical #2a, "Hero of Liberty"): ADAM REPOSA: I Am A Lawyer Austin criminal defense lawyer Adam Reposa is featured in Bob Ray's critically acclaimed and Chad Holt-centric documentary, "Total Badass." Total Badass trailer: