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ACTOR'S NEXT LEVEL | Episode 203 | Valerie Salgado, Asst. Choreographer, "SMASH"

4y ago


ACTOR'S NEXT LEVEL | Season 02, Ep 03 | Valerie Salgado Assistant choreographer for NBC'S hit musical show SMASH, Valerie Salgado talks about what it takes to be cast as a dancer, actor, or singer on the show. Should you take class with her or Josh Bergasse? Is dancing for the camera different than Broadway? Find out here, where Jewel asks Valerie what it takes to work on SMASH. Host - Jewel Elizabeth Guest - Asst. Choreographer for NBC's "Smash," Valerie Salgado Follow Jewel on Twitter @Jewel_Elizabeth See Valerie's Choreo Reel at Copyright 2012.