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The Activision Decathlon (Colecovision) gameplay footage

4y ago


Available for several platforms, The Activision Decathlon is a great way to destroy your controllers and your hands. I just hope my poor Wico bat still works after playing it. I think this game might be compatible with Konami's Track & Field Controller. Too bad I didn't have mine out. You compete in 10 events (being a decathlon and all), starting with the 100m dash. You have to work the controller like mad to even stand a chance against the computer. By the time you reach the 400m race you're tired from the other events. It just seems to go on and on in a never-ending cycle of pain. A few events later and there's a 1500m race. Are you kidding me? Fortunately there's a pause button, so you can take breaks if you need them. Events: 100m Dash Long Jump Shot Put High Jump 400m Race 110m Hurdles Discus Throw Pole Vault Javelin Throw 1500m Race Warning: Playing this game could lead to sitcom-like misunderstandings when people see you working your joystick so hard. Thanks to Justin for loaning me this one.