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zhang zhen

zhang zhen

Absolutely Charming 糊里糊涂爱上它 Bloopers: NG3

4y ago


Check out what happens off cam on the set of Absolutely Charming. Channel 8's new comedy drama "Absolutely Charming" 《糊里糊涂爱上它》debuts 1 May 2012. The drama talks about the sensual Fox Spirit and how deities in the Celestial Court swoon over her charm. However, unable to suppress her feelings of love, she is banished to the mortal world to undergo the test of mortal love. Of course, no test is complete without its challenge! With her enchanting looks, Fox Spirit was confident of nailing a guy to fall head-over-heels in love with her within 3 days. Much to her horror, she has turned into an ugly woman with a slap mark on her face! To top it off, the moment she attempts to seduce a man, she develops an acrid body odour! A laugh-out-loud comedy drama entwined with the mission of finding one's true love, 'Absolutely Charming'《糊里糊涂爱上它》is sure to keep audiences laughing out loud at the edge of their seats and going "awww" all at once! Stars: Elvin Ng as Song Hao Min Cherry Hsia as Hu Li Qin Zhou Ying as Xie En Lin Zhang Zhen Huan as Wu Zi Kang Rebecca Lim as Song Xin Mei Richard Low as Song Tian Cheng Patricia Mok as Liu Bin Bin Lee Kok Yang as Song Ren Jie For behind-the-scenes, read our blog at For latest programme updates, like us at For catch-up TV, visit We are also on Twitter ( and Weibo ( !! (^^)\/