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abraham lincoln: vampire hunter

abraham lincoln: vampire hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter MV - Across The Line (by LINKIN PARK)

4y ago


Please check out my critic at the DGF-Magazin (written in German). This is an AMV for the movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", based on the official trailers. That includes the three green band trailers, the red band trailer and the music video "Powerless" by LINKIN PARK. But as music I`ve chosen another song by LINKIN PARK called "Across the line" from the album "Underground 9" which came out in 2009. In fact I don`t wonder that LP is working once more with the film industry, but at least they should take care that the song fits into the movie and not just taken to promote their latest longplayer "Living Things". That`s why I took "Across the line" which fits much more into the bloody and aggressive context of the film. The movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is based on the novel by SETH GRAHAM-SMITH who also wrote the screenplay. The film was directed by TIMUR BEKMAMBETOV, featured BENJAMIN WALKER in the main role. "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is coming to the German cinemas in October, in the US the movie is already open to watch.