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Aboio / Cattle Callers

4y ago


Brazilian outback, cowboys preserve their age-old customs, communicating with their cattle in a form of plaintive singing known as Aboio. The chant resounds an improvised, ancient form that is an entrance to the life and the imaginary of the ancient Brazilian cattle drivers. 35mm | 73min | doc | color & bw | 2005 Direction: Marília Rocha Executive Producer: Helvécio Marins and Marília Rocha Producers: Deile Vassalo and José Ferraz Associated Producers: Camila Groch, Daniel Queiroz e Diana Grebrim Scriptwriter: Clarissa Campolina and Marília Rocha Cinematographers: Leandro HBL and Marília Rocha Editor: Clarissa Campolina Sound Designer: Bruno do Cavaco Sound Editing: Bruno do Cavaco and O Grivo Art Director: Fred Paulino Music: Cordel do Fogo Encantado, Naná Vasconcelos and O Grivo Awards: • Best film 10th It’s All True – International Documentary Festival (Brazil) • Best sound track and best sound 9th CinePE (Brazil) • Best film 10th Rio de Janeiro International Etnographic Film Festival (Brazil).