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mahesh bhatt

mahesh bhatt

Ab Doori Hai Itni| Official Live Song| Singer A Jay

3y ago


song is sung by Singer A Jay. Singer A Jay is no more in this world.he was just 26 yr old.I want to Share something tragic wid u.A Jay came to India to search his girl friend.coz of major rift b/w them..A Jay tried his best to find her but couldn't..meanwhile he ruined his lungs(addicted to drink alcohol and drugs) due to which Doctors asked him not to sing anymore..But A Jay had to sing as he wanted his love back as his last wish was to dedicate a song to his beloved and SAD but True, A Jay died recording his third and last song.. Remembering his beloved RAAHI MANCHANDA... :( This song 'Ab Doori Hai Itni,Aankhen Meri Nam...' was A Jay's most Favourite and touched song because his GF Raahi had composed & produced piano parts for this song.speciality of this track that music arranger has used A Jay's live vocal for this version.which A Jay had sung live on stage 2 years back Facebook Page:- Song Download Link:- Twitter Account:!/SingerAJay Click here for Studio Version- Please tag your friends and leave your comments bellow, Thanks