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9/11 Synchronized Shared Media

4y ago


These are the first 11 minutes of the September 11, 2001 LIVE TV BROADCASTS. The five major US TV networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBS and CNN) are synchronized - visually - using cues from apparent, shared 'satellite feeds' seen in the various broadcasts. In spite of this, several inexplicable synch offsets occur randomly - at various times of the broadcasts. A host of aberrations suggest that these 'LIVE broadcasts' simply cannot be real: artificial, saturated, monochromatic color schemes; unrealistic camera motions; numerous/aimless chopper fly-bys; one single, surreal bird-flock fly-by, etc. One must wonder what those many 'choppers' are up to in the first place: most simply fly across the screen at sustained speed. Some are synched (between the networks), while some are not - or altogether missing. All of this suggests these images are merely a pre-fabricated batch of computer simulations designed to fool the world. Keep in mind that these broadcasts should represent the immediate aftermath of a most unexpected event (the 1st "hijacked plane's" strike at 8;46AM). Yet, the 5 rival TV networks appear to be instantly interconnected -- often sharing identical images in real-time, as if all were actually mixed in a single TV studio. A series of other oddities occur in these crucial minutes of the day's 'newscasts. I have chosen to point out only a few significant ones -- leaving the opportunity for anyone to pick out the rest. Test your observation skills ! What best reveals the contrived nature of these proffered "LIVE" broadcasts is the absurd sequence of the "FINAL 16 SECONDS OF PLANE APPROACH": four shots depict the approach sequentially - yet none of the 4 shots timelines overlap. It ensues that there are no two directly comparable LIVE SHOTS within the "airplane approach" timeline. This is - objectively speaking - way beyond the realm of probability; To put such an occurrence down to haphazard demands a formidable 'leap of faith'. (To be sure, the official tale of 9/11 presents an endless procession of extraordinary 'coincidences'). More likely, this occurrence was no fluke : disallowing any comparison/cross-examination of the 4 "airplane shots" would have been an obvious 'safety measure' observed by the computer-animation crew. MUCH MORE info here: video from: