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9-2-5 greets André

4y ago


9-2-5 (pronounced "nine to five") are a cover band, local to The Hague, but lead guitarist and singer Lennart de Vries has written his own songs, and one in particular he wanted to dedicate to André Kuipers, called 'Floating'. The song is about an astronaut's wonder of looking back at Earth and the exhilaration of living in microgravity, or 'weightlessness'. When Lennart saw that ESA had published Andre's playlist and were inviting bands and artists to contribute, he took his chance and was inspired to record this version of his song with fellow 9-2-5 band members. 9-2-5 are Lennart on vocals and guitar, Daniëla Panebianco (vocals), Helene Meijer (guitar, vocals), Wilco Verkade (guitar), Rob van Berlo (bass, keyboards, percussion), Alex de Ruijter (drums). 9-2-5 were formed in 2007 as a house band by a group of young employees working at The Hague city council at that time.