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8 out of 10 cats S08E04 2/3

4y ago


As always, there's a load of frolicks from the enigmatic trio that is Jimmy Carr, Jason Manford and Sean Lock. This week's guests are Alan Cumming, Lauren Laverne, Tom Felton and Richard E Grant Special theme: The Movies ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8 out of 10 cats is a game show in which two teams answer questions linked to opinion polls answered by the general British public. Hosted by Jimmy Carr, it features Sean Lock and Jason Manford as the team captains, and a series of famous faces as team members. The comedy comes thick and fast, especially from the host and team captains, with regular quips from the guests, most of which are surprisingly funny! With a host like Carr, and team captains who know what they're doing, this programme is an absolute treat and should not be missed. Uploaded for viewing pleasures only, no copyright violation intended