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8 Beginner Common Sweep Picking (Economy Picking) Mistakes "Shred Guitar Lesson"

4y ago


With the help of all of us coming together i can create new great guitar content for you to get inspired. Just hit this Link and show some support!: So you want to learn what the Common Sweep Picking Mistakes are on the Guitar? Ignore these common problems at your peril and unlock your beginner shred guitar potential In this lesson I talk you through the 8 Most common sweep picking mistakes that i see guitarists make all the time. Its not just the technique that suffers but speed and accuracy. If your an experienced guitarist you may already know many of these but it will be worth looking out for them when you play. For beginners this will serve as a great introduction before you begin to explore the sweep picking technique. Sometimes called (economy picking). Common Sweep Picking Mistakes - Lesson begins at 2:16 1. Don't try to play your sweeps too fast! 2. Remember to mute your strings after they are played when economy picking 3. Don't try and STRUM your sweeps, they are individual notes 4. Remember to have 1 movement and not to pick individual notes. You will need to feel this when sweep picking 5. Watch out for rolls on your arpeggios so that you can practice them in isolation 6. Make sure your phrasing of the pull of is at the correct volume 7. Explore other arpeggios, The sweep genre is already over populated with the basic shapes. Explore 8. Don't sacrifice speed for timing. Make sure your notes are even! Get in touch with me directly! For great free song lessons head to the Rex Pearson Song Book: Take part in the community by posting your questions or thoughts in the forums , be an active member and take part!!: Follow me on twitter: Add me as a friend on Facebook: Add me as a friend on Myspace: Or catch up with the Latest Rex Pearson news on the blog: For free guitar lessons head to Like my vids? Would you like to Become a Patron of my vids? You get cool rewards & can help make the videos even better! Become a Patron here: