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luke slater

luke slater

The 7th Plain (Luke Slater) - Millentum

4y ago


Early Nineties ambient flavoured techno - deep and spacey. Released on the 'To Be Surreal' 12" by Luke Slater under the alias 'The 7th Plain', on General Production Recordings (GPR). *Support independent producers/record labels - if you like it, buy it!* -- [nice review from discogs..] "Isnt it great to listen to those golden techno moments and be completely overwhelmed by the sound? This masterpiece has that effect on me. To Be Surreal and Millentum are wonderful, spacy techno tracks from the early nineties. I believe this is Luke Slaters most beautiful record under his 7th plain guise. And that means a lot when you have listened to fantastic albums like My Yellow Wise Rug and The 4 Cornered Room. It is music made in the years when techno and ambient melted so well together. Luke Slater was one of the champions in creating multi-layered tracks without losing the atmosphere. He made tracks where you could listen to, over and over again and where you could always hear something new. I hope these tracks will last forever and will be rediscovered in the future, rather than his commercial recordings which are forgettable."