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church history

church history

7c PopeM Fathers of Apostasy: Holy Hegesippus? Pt 3

4y ago


Critical point in this video: APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION in Bible, is based on Greek verb APOSTELLW, which is equivalent to 'power of attorney'. The POA reverts to the GRANTOR on death of the grantee, so there CANNOT be any such thing as apostolic succession UNLESS CHRIST HIMSELF does the DIRECT appointing. Which He did, 1Cor15:1-10. That's why Christ HAS all the keys in Rev 1. The 'succession' has ended, and the GRANTOR (Christ Resurrected) can't die. Else, continued review of how Irenaeus, then Hippolytus, finally Eusebius 'adopt' Heggy's arbitrary popelist chrono, and how they manipulate it. Rest of video points flow from that, i.e., even if you allege apostolic succession from Abraham based on faith, then the TEST of succession is whether you do what Abraham did, John 8. How you cannot claim succession from Israel, since per Hebrews 5-10 (esp. 7:18), the Mosaic Law was ABROGATED. Download Church Father writings in pdf: . First 10 volumes 'anf' are Anti-Nicene Fathers (pre-Eusebius). Then for Nicene Fathers, go here and pick from page middle, ; for Eusebius Church History only, . He talks about Hegesippus in many places, so when you download the pdf, search on 'Hegesippus'. Bishop Lists book: Commentary on that book re Hegesippus: For the 'Fathers' obsession with Jews: sample search on 'Jew': . This one is typical, claiming AGAINST BIBLE, that Church replaces Jews: . No wonder they didn't want to accept Revelation. Hegesippus, from 7a : or here: Irenaeus using Hegesippus and the former's own anti-semitism: and and . Notice how Irenaeus distorted Scripture in order to snipe at the Jews, in that last link, esp. at the end. Hippolytus' using 'bishop list' via Africanus to suddenly FAKE Peter at Rome during Claudius, so to oust Origen, is in Williams' book. I can't find anything online. But here's his invented story of Peter in Rome: . Notice how he CHANGES LOCATION vs. Bible. Acts 8 says Peter was in SAMARIA. Justin started that lie, . So Hippy copies Justin, not Bible. Hippy is anti-semitic,; as if Christ said Church replaces Israel, Contrast . Hippy can't read Daniel, Eusebius' stuff: Download the pdf of the book; it begins on pdf page 112: . He continues and even EMBELLISHES the Hegesippus lie, who got it also from 1Clement. Golly, does NO ONE read the OT? Here: Eusebius crafts fake Jewish-related 'succession', . Use the TOC (upper left red lines on gray) to see context, keep reading his claims of succession. CLICK ON FOOTNOTES to read how his claims mismatch history or Bible. See also pdf p306. Eusebius on Hegesippus: , but see also pdf p.293, 304 For his anti-semitism, see pdf pages 135,184, 186, 271-273,278; p220 (he shoots himself in the foot about Claud...