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pool tables

pool tables

75 Rube Goldberg Ideas & Inventions

1y ago


Welcome to the collaboration! This video is split up into 3 sets of 25 ideas by 3 different youtubers. These short screen linked clips can help you with school projects or making your own chain reaction. This video is intended to help individuals obtain ideas and/or inspiration for building their own Rube Goldberg Machine. It is not meant to look like one actual machine (as if I have 25 pool tables lined up in my basement); It is simply screenlinked to give more flow and continuity to the video. Each video is linked via a phone or skype call (when an annotation will guide you to the next video) so that no matter which video you begin with, you will be able to see all 75 of our ideas in a combined screenlink (There is no Part 1 or so on, it is continuous). Links to all 75 Ideas: DoodleChaos: TheSprice17: Toothpaste35: The Creators Channels TheSprice17: DoodleChaos: Toothpaste35: Music: Colours by BigBobbyDog ( Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed or got some good ideas for your own Rube Goldberg. Thank you for understanding how much effort these machines are to build. The time it takes to build prototypes, test the machine, fix the mistakes, reset each time, and rebuild into new machines is astounding. Ratings are always appreciated and subscribe if you don't want to miss out on what I make next. Thanks for watching!